How Mothers Utilize Multi-Screens

Mothers in this modern era are the epitome of multi-tasking ! So why should their media habits differ? Take a look at how they disengage from TV to browse on mobile phones, iPads and more. This deep dive will allow media planners to gain insight into this TG’s multi-media consumption patterns and optimize digital bursts accordingly. Want to understand other TGs? Reach out to us at

How to gauge reach with TV lean planning approach?

It’s interesting to see advertisers making bold moves and creating performance KPIs beyond GRPs and CPRP on Television these days. Business Standard released how Flipkart taps analytics to deliver more sales on low marketing spend . The buying of media in the sphere of cross screen consumer journey is all about identifying the right medium to place the most appropriate and impactful message for your target audience whilst minimizing spillage and assuring visibility. With this, marketers introduce lean media planning practices for their TV media agencies to fulfil aggressively – replace uneconomical mass channels with frequency builder, high performing niche […]

India vs Pakistan – the match off the pitch !

Across the country, Indians had waited for the biggest match of the year – India vs Pakistan !! But this event was important, not just for TV viewers, but also for the growing population of second screen users! Interaction on Twitter increased manifolds and brands made the most of this hotbed of viewers – on TV and social platforms!! It was Virat Kohli on the Indian side and Wahab Riaz from the Pakistani side who were most talked about players on Twitter. Not just this, Real time syncing with TV moments has allowed brands to expand their reach beyond what was […]

Advertising Trends of IPL 2017

E-commerce drops to 6th position. Electricals and Electronics dominate TV

The first phase of 2017 IPL has seen a plethora of great TVCs – creative and catchy! Research revealed that the top advertising mix has changed quite a bit between 2016 and 2017, though mobile phones are still the top contributors. E-commerce no longer features in the noisiest industries while air conditioners have helped ‘durables’ strike high. Overall, the telecommunication industry is rather active with high presence during IPL and independently on YouTube as well. It was also observed that IPL hours, 8 PM onwards, saw a noticeable rise in searches for related brands, which was not present before the start […]