Advertising Trends of IPL 2017

E-commerce drops to 6th position. Electricals and Electronics dominate TV

The first phase of 2017 IPL has seen a plethora of great TVCs – creative and catchy! Research revealed that the top advertising mix has changed quite a bit between 2016 and 2017, though mobile phones are still the top contributors. E-commerce no longer features in the noisiest industries while air conditioners have helped ‘durables’ strike high. Overall, the telecommunication industry is rather active with high presence during IPL and independently on YouTube as well. It was also observed that IPL hours, 8 PM onwards, saw a noticeable rise in searches for related brands, which was not present before the start […]

Cross-Screen Advertising Strategies of 2016

With the help of report below, marketers can study advertising strategies adopted by front-runners across industries. With the advent of the cross-screen era, it is imperative to not restrict oneself to a single platforms, but rather expand the horizon of advertising and include all forums under one umbrella – TV, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google Searches. This report captures the second half of the year 2016 in terms of advertising sector. It leverages the power of SilverPush’s premium product, PRISM, to gather data collectively to draw actionable insights. For the detailed report, please subscribe with us. Here is a […]

Multi Screen Marketing: The blooming lotus in the pond of advertising

The advertising world is undergoing a shift as marketers get to grips with digital media

Continuous innovation in media is providing brands with a seemingly endless stream of ways to connect with consumers, but knowing where to focus budget and for what purpose is becoming increasingly complex. A lot of hard work and toil is invested to create over-the-top advertising solutions to hit the psyche of the viewer but is it really generating the desired results? Sadly the answer is ‘No’! The advertising world is undergoing a shift as marketers get to grips with digital media. According to research by eMarketer, in 2015 Britain became the first country in the world where spending on digital ads […]