Mobile First becoming ‘The Mantra’ of startup accelerators in India?

There has been a significant improvement in the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurship culture  in the past 10 years. Venture capitalists and Angel investors have plunged billions of dollars into promising companies and incubators. Start-up hubs and incubators started their centers in many states of India hoping to find the next billion dollar company. Most of these incubators preferred internet companies over brick and mortar ideas. But the effort to identify the next Google or Facebook has shown no result so far. But there are other start-up accelerators like GSF founded by Rajesh Sawhney, which are focusing on Mobile first companies and managed to guide […]

Ad tech is getting competitive as the smartphone subscriptions to mark 6.1 billion

The smartphone explosion is not a passing fad, but the technology continues to grow at a rapid pace, predicts the latest Ericsson Mobility Report released recently. According the analysts, the adoption of smartphones is accelerating at a vast rate and by 2020, there will be 6.1 billion smartphone subscriptions using broadband. India and China with net additions of 18 million and 12 million subscriptions in 2014 tops the charts in terms of growth. The total number of mobile subscriptions, including the LTE, CDMA and other technologies combined as of today and forecast numbers are illustrated below. Around 2.7 billion phone uses GSM/ […]

Mobile shopping on the rise: says Google Online Shopping trends report

Google in collaboration with Forrester Research, released its annual online shopping growth trends report. Rajan Anandan, MD, Google India said that the confidence to shop online was on the rise as 71% and the non-buyers from Teir 1 and Tier 2 cities are planning to shop in the next 12 months. As per the report, India will have 100 million online shoppers by 2016 and right now more than 33% of shopping is done with smartphones. The research conducted by interviewing people from Tier 1 and 2 revealed that online shoppers base will grow by 3x by 2016. Mobile phones […]

IAMAI releases ‘Internet in India 2014’

The Internet and Mobile Association of India on the first week of November released its annual report ‘Internet in India 2014’ jointly conducted by IAMAI an IMRB International, that details the internet usage in India from October 2013 to October 2014. Some  highlights from the report: 1. By December 2014, there will be 302Mn internet users 2. There has been a 39% rise in rural India active users 3. In rural India, there are 61Mn active users as of October 2014 The report classifies top 8 cities in India, according to the residing Internet users. Source: The study shows that […]