Offline and Online amalgamation going big in 2015 – 16

As per eMarketer the multi-screening has become the new norm in Southeast Asia with 9 out of 10 people in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam frequently using their smartphones while watching TV. This trend is prevailing worldwide and here we are growing fond of the same technique. Boatloads of monetary investments are being made around the world into TV advertising validating the fact that television still has a good impact on mass audiences. Given this, studies also state that most of the people have TV playing in their backgrounds while they wind up the respective chores during the commercial […]

TV industry – an industry in need of an overhaul!

With the rise of a plenty of marketing strategies, firms far and wide have been utilising distinct channels across digital and via the television mode to reach to their target audiences. Interestingly new facts and figures state that television alone does not command our full attention despite the fact it is still one of the most robust medium of promotion. A new era of marketing has arrived where in the digital world when combined with the TV spectra has a greater impact. The big social media giant, Twitter says, that many of the twitter users are asked about their opinions […]