Marketing woes – Data lying behind Multi Screens!

With changing times, media patterns have evolved by leaps and bounds and it has led to multi screening. A study report by Millward Brown depicts that how digital is the vanguard as far as the time spent on screens by the audience is concerned. People spend most of their time on digital making it obvious that it is no more a second screen. The graph below can elaborate on the same, concepts have progressed beyond one single television screen, making the ad exposure richer and more intense.   To add to this, shifting of the screen has started ruling the […]

At SilverPush we work hard & Party harder

  Here at SilverPush we truly believe in the fact that be that smart ass who knows how to deliver results and also knows to party like there’s no tomorrow. There is no place for humdrum concepts and lifeless routine here with us. Such was our ‘Freaky Friday’ fun! Every last Friday of the month the entire SilverPush clan celebrates their hard work, employees’ birthdays and awards for the show stoppers. Needless to say this fun is no different that we have every day here, just the zing is bit higher when it is ‘Freaky Friday’ (wink wink ;)). The […]