IPL Season 9 –  Take 1, Action!

Indian Premier League, Season 9 started with a bang on 9 April 2016 and almost one third of the tournament has gone by. Advertisers are trying their level best to tap into customers during the biggest event currently on TV. The fight within industries continues not just on TV, but in the digital domain too. While we witnessed great trends during the World Cup T20, the dynamics have changed greatly since then! Top Brands by Spots The top 11 brands show how Oppo has retained its position with almost 15% SOVs even post World Cup T20. The title sponsors, Vivo […]


5 practices for a successful TV+Digital convergence campaign

Despite the domination of television on the media budgets of Indian advertisers, the meteoric rise of digital media has caused an interesting change in the way people watch television. According to Milward Brown, 61% of Indians own a screen in addition to their TV. This could be a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. As a natural progression, people tend to multitask, use another screen while watching TV. Two distinct behaviours then emerge. Users will either mesh devices (tweet about what they are watching on TV, or search for character bios) or users will stack devices (check their email, read […]


World Cup T20 :

Top Players Off the Pitch

March has been exciting month for cricket lovers. Not that it ended with a win for India, but someone did enjoy a hell lot of eyeballs and chatter around the TV world. With 35 matches, the 2016 World Cup kept the entire nation glued to their TV sets, and Indian advertisers took the maximum advantage of the same. The event lasted from 8 March to 3 April, and even though India was kicked out early, this didn’t stop the advertisers! We at SilverPush captured the entire TV war throughout the tournament to give you the top players off the field […]