3 things that every online marketer is interested to know about TV advertising



Getting the media investments on TV screen to promote the product is blessing in disguise for every online marketer. It definitely means that you shall be growing disproportionately with your mobile app inflated organic installs, higher time spent by consumers, and an increased number LTV consumers that you win.

At the back of head, there is this tingling that do consistently bothers every marketer and he expects the answers to come for his worries from either category’s success, media agency learnings or his experience with TV media planning all these years. Moving in an era where netizens and digital shoppers are far more empowered to take personal decision rather than target group based marketing used to stand for few years back, it is not at all easy to sit back and approve TV plans basis reach and GRPs that they guarantee for your consumer. Here we list you three key areas of interest for every online marketer who is going to shed money from his pockets on TV to drive returns:-

  • Tracking TV in real time!

Gone are the days of just focussing on pre and a post of your TV campaigns and you relied just on your gut or experience that this is it. Not for online marketers spending on TV screen though. It’s all about what happens during (today)!

How you get help: Real time TV ad detection by Prism is 1st of its kind industry innovation that uses proprietary and accurate algorithms helping marketers to track the TV spots going on air. All this compressed in an online dashboard helps marketer track his TV campaign in real time empowering with the schedule at which TV ad spots are being run by 100+ channels in any media campaign.

  • Evaluating TV in real time!

TV is not for reach alone, it is pure play adding to organic performance that helps marketer to accomplish business goals and uplift in digital KPIs. But is all organic because of TV?

How you get help: Prism by SilverPush creates a string of data using real time TV feeds and integrates with your marketing analytics solution to drive correlation between events occurring in TV screen and digital screen simultaneously. Advance algorithms of variable baseline creation by spot and independent attribution window to TV spots allow the dashboard to give true uplift in the digital goals such as installs, visits, and increased sessions to a marketer by genre, channel, show and timebands across the campaign.

  • Optimizing TV In real time!

It is not yet possible for marketers to buy TV in real time unlike digital inventories. But marketers have their own way to optimize ongoing TV campaigns now.

How you get help: The spends data of TV campaign can be plugged in using easy offline imports created in Prism. This allows us to create heatmaps in real time for a marketer to visualize attributes of increased goals and low CPIG (cost per increased goal). Attributes such as creative story of the TVC, days of the week, weekdays and weekends, time bands of the day for buying specific channels, channels amongst longtail genre, show based buying on specific entertainment channels, are techniques that help marketers to come out with optimizations that are easier to be done as compared to driving learnings from manual excel sheets post the campaign.

This kind of business intelligence is what an online marketer is waiting for. And if it’s not starting with you, then its late to know the results that it can drive for your business. We are helping brands evolve with innovative analytic solutions for cross screen measurement, and would love to hear from you if there are ideas to contribute.

      For more information about Prism’s solutions for clients, check out our website and sign up for demo. You can also contact us at sales@silverpush.co


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