IPL TV Advertisement – What Does it Mean For Lead Sponsors

NEW ENTRIES TO TOP 10 LIST After first 15 days of IPL, SilverPush gave you a quick view on brands that made it to top 10 and how Maruti Vitarra Brezza made a successful mark in tapping its audiences not only on the TV screen but also the digital screen when entire nation is going crazy about cricket. This next release gives some exciting news and insights on how the past 15 days of IPL have brought another wave of changes in brands and industries that have made it to the top 10 vis-a-vis our last post. Top Industries and […]

IPL Season 9 –  Take 1, Action!

Indian Premier League, Season 9 started with a bang on 9 April 2016 and almost one third of the tournament has gone by. Advertisers are trying their level best to tap into customers during the biggest event currently on TV. The fight within industries continues not just on TV, but in the digital domain too. While we witnessed great trends during the World Cup T20, the dynamics have changed greatly since then! Top Brands by Spots The top 11 brands show how Oppo has retained its position with almost 15% SOVs even post World Cup T20. The title sponsors, Vivo […]

5 practices for a successful TV+Digital convergence campaign

Despite the domination of television on the media budgets of Indian advertisers, the meteoric rise of digital media has caused an interesting change in the way people watch television. According to Milward Brown, 61% of Indians own a screen in addition to their TV. This could be a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. As a natural progression, people tend to multitask, use another screen while watching TV. Two distinct behaviours then emerge. Users will either mesh devices (tweet about what they are watching on TV, or search for character bios) or users will stack devices (check their email, read […]

World Cup T20 :

Top Players Off the Pitch

March has been exciting month for cricket lovers. Not that it ended with a win for India, but someone did enjoy a hell lot of eyeballs and chatter around the TV world. With 35 matches, the 2016 World Cup kept the entire nation glued to their TV sets, and Indian advertisers took the maximum advantage of the same. The event lasted from 8 March to 3 April, and even though India was kicked out early, this didn’t stop the advertisers! We at SilverPush captured the entire TV war throughout the tournament to give you the top players off the field […]

Marketing woes – Data lying behind Multi Screens!

With changing times, media patterns have evolved by leaps and bounds and it has led to multi screening. A study report by Millward Brown depicts that how digital is the vanguard as far as the time spent on screens by the audience is concerned. People spend most of their time on digital making it obvious that it is no more a second screen. The graph below can elaborate on the same, concepts have progressed beyond one single television screen, making the ad exposure richer and more intense.   To add to this, shifting of the screen has started ruling the […]

At SilverPush we work hard & Party harder

  Here at SilverPush we truly believe in the fact that be that smart ass who knows how to deliver results and also knows to party like there’s no tomorrow. There is no place for humdrum concepts and lifeless routine here with us. Such was our ‘Freaky Friday’ fun! Every last Friday of the month the entire SilverPush clan celebrates their hard work, employees’ birthdays and awards for the show stoppers. Needless to say this fun is no different that we have every day here, just the zing is bit higher when it is ‘Freaky Friday’ (wink wink ;)). The […]

Offline and Online amalgamation going big in 2015 – 16

As per eMarketer the multi-screening has become the new norm in Southeast Asia with 9 out of 10 people in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam frequently using their smartphones while watching TV. This trend is prevailing worldwide and here we are growing fond of the same technique. Boatloads of monetary investments are being made around the world into TV advertising validating the fact that television still has a good impact on mass audiences. Given this, studies also state that most of the people have TV playing in their backgrounds while they wind up the respective chores during the commercial […]

TV industry – an industry in need of an overhaul!

With the rise of a plenty of marketing strategies, firms far and wide have been utilising distinct channels across digital and via the television mode to reach to their target audiences. Interestingly new facts and figures state that television alone does not command our full attention despite the fact it is still one of the most robust medium of promotion. A new era of marketing has arrived where in the digital world when combined with the TV spectra has a greater impact. The big social media giant, Twitter says, that many of the twitter users are asked about their opinions […]