Demonetization driving Market Trends

Extensive mapping reveals that banks and e-wallets increased their TV spends post the demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupee currency notes in India. The first 20 days after demonetisation also witnessed a 20% surge in searches for the e-wallet industry in India. On the other hand, as people grappled with the aftereffects of demonetization, searches for e-commerce dropped a whopping 39%. While news channels continued to occupy the biggest share, brands increased their spending on Hindi and Kids channels to spread awareness. On the social media front, Twitter and Instagram, though not as popular as Facebook, saw a substantial increase in usage post the demonetization announcement. […]

Unique Cross Screen Advertising Techniques bring laurels to SilverPush

Maddies 2016 : SilverPush bags award for unique Lead Generation Strategy! Category : Marketing Strategy -Lead Generation Award Won : Bronze SilverPush, in partnership with Unilever and PHD India, has been recognized at the Maddies, October 2016, for its advertising techniques during the Indian premier League. A strategy was devised to target the 81% TV viewing audiences that use TV and smartphones simultaneously. The India Premier League, one of the biggest Cricket leagues of the country, with a wide viewership reach, was the best for this purpose. By utilizing IPL break times, Pureit engaged in digital messaging only when viewers […]

3 things that every online marketer is interested to know about TV advertising

  Getting the media investments on TV screen to promote the product is blessing in disguise for every online marketer. It definitely means that you shall be growing disproportionately with your mobile app inflated organic installs, higher time spent by consumers, and an increased number LTV consumers that you win. At the back of head, there is this tingling that do consistently bothers every marketer and he expects the answers to come for his worries from either category’s success, media agency learnings or his experience with TV media planning all these years. Moving in an era where netizens and digital […]

TV Spends – The Butterfly Effect

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is a concept, that small causes can have large effects. It essentially means a sensitive dependence on initial conditions, in which a small change could result in large differences, at a later stage. We have often witnessed the butterfly effect in action in television advertising and the money spent on TV ads. TV media communication has been credited for driving reach in the short run and uplift in brand scores in the long run for advertisers. For years, this criterion has been a benchmark for evaluating crores of advertising money spent on television advertisings. […]

Breaking down the Telecommunications Sector

The telecommunication industry in India is HUGE but its major segments – smartphones and mobile operators – follow different paths to attract the audience. We studied the two industries over a period of three months to see whether these two segments complement each other or not.  This infographic has been picked up by : AdAge India Digital Market Asia Exchange4Media Yahoo News Business Standard online The Telegraph (online) Hindustan Times

IPL TV Advertisement – What Does it Mean For Lead Sponsors

NEW ENTRIES TO TOP 10 LIST After first 15 days of IPL, SilverPush gave you a quick view on brands that made it to top 10 and how Maruti Vitarra Brezza made a successful mark in tapping its audiences not only on the TV screen but also the digital screen when entire nation is going crazy about cricket. This next release gives some exciting news and insights on how the past 15 days of IPL have brought another wave of changes in brands and industries that have made it to the top 10 vis-a-vis our last post. Top Industries and […]

IPL Season 9 –  Take 1, Action!

Indian Premier League, Season 9 started with a bang on 9 April 2016 and almost one third of the tournament has gone by. Advertisers are trying their level best to tap into customers during the biggest event currently on TV. The fight within industries continues not just on TV, but in the digital domain too. While we witnessed great trends during the World Cup T20, the dynamics have changed greatly since then! Top Brands by Spots The top 11 brands show how Oppo has retained its position with almost 15% SOVs even post World Cup T20. The title sponsors, Vivo […]