Unique Cross Screen Advertising Techniques bring laurels to SilverPush

Maddies 2016 : SilverPush bags award for unique Lead Generation Strategy!

Category : Marketing Strategy -Lead Generation

Award Won : Bronze

SilverPush, in partnership with Unilever and PHD India, has been recognized at the Maddies, October 2016, for its advertising techniques during the Indian premier League.

A strategy was devised to target the 81% TV viewing audiences that use TV and smartphones simultaneously. The India Premier League, one of the biggest Cricket leagues of the country, with a wide viewership reach, was the best for this purpose. By utilizing IPL break times, Pureit engaged in digital messaging only when viewers are distracted from their TV screens and engaged with their smartphones – ensuring guaranteed eyeballs to the brand !

This was for the 1st time when IPL intended TV audiences were brought alive for a brand without investing for TV ad spots in the big gala event. 

The results were phenomenal :

Maddies Pureit 1

Pureit Banner

MMA India Smarties Awards : Cross Screen Advertising techniques get Silverpush the metal.



Category – Cross Screen Advertising / Mobile Integration

Award Won : Bronze

SilverPush, in partnership with Dulux and Maxus India, has been recognized at the MMA India Smarties, October 2016, for its advertising techniques in the domain of cross-screen technologies.  

It had been observed that approaching the advertising problem with a smart technique of linking TV and digital was yielding almost 2.6x better results for Dulux as a brand. Real time TV ad detection helped Dulux target their audience group available on digital across leading platforms in less than 8 Seconds of the TV Airing happening. To ensure the campaign wasn’t targeted to everyone and anyone, targeting parameters were set right, giving priority to the core TG and delivering the campaign in the high priority markets for the brand (Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Kerala and Hindi Speaking Markets of India.)

The results spoke for themselves


MMA Dulux 2

Dulux Banner


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